Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Puerto Cayo?

Puerto Cayo is an on-the-rise community that provides a sense of small-town comfort and safety while still being in close proximity to the modern amenities we have come to appreciate. There isn’t a single traffic light in town, no discotechs or nightclubs. The demographic is primarily 50+ with a mixture of single families and retirees. Puerto Cayo is quickly becoming the place to be without having to be in the middle of it all. Additionally, Puerto Cayo features a unique micro-climate do to it’s location and geography on the coast that provides it with a cooler climate than areas to the north and south of it. Bordered by Machalilla Nationa Park to the south and a cloud-forest chain to the east, in Puerto Cayo you can basque in the sun without paying for it later.

Is financing available?

Yes. Financing is available up to six months with zero interest.

Are their public utilities?

Yes. City electric and water is available. Water is NOT a paid for resource currently in Puerto Cayo.

Can I build whatever I want?

Yes. This is not a gated community. Your lot is yours. It’s also worth mentioning, we are a full-service development agency so feel free to ask us question about developing a home in Ecuador or to see some of our work.

Is the land deeded to me?

100% YES ABSOLUTELY. One of the many benefits people choose to invest/build in Ecuador is because land is fully deeded and titles are hereditary.


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